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About Us

Welcome to Benny & Brooke!

Adali Brooke

As an avid dog lover, I've always been addicted to dogs (pictures, videos, etc.) and have always wanted a dog. Our family made the leap (FINALLY) and got Benny in April 2020!

Of course, my social media was filled with everything dog related, but I couldn't find bandana patterns that I really liked...and for a reasonable price, so I took action - dusted off my sewing machine and went to work sewing bandanas. Here we are, yards of fabric later! 

All products are hand-made by me in Butler, PA!

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The sole inspiration behind Benny & Brooke, Benny himself! He's a handsome, fluffy goldendoodle with ALOT of golden retriever characteristics. 

 Benny enjoys playing with his friends at daycare, going on walks in the rain, and seeing his human brother. He is extremely friendly, but doesn't cuddle or kiss...only butt scratches and hugs.

Though he doesn't love the camera, he models for all of our bandanas & gets plenty of treats and chicken! 

We hope that you enjoy your dog bandanas & accessories as much as we love making them! It's been a process, but we're looking forward to what lies ahead!

I'd love to hear your feedback on what you like & what we can improve: Click Here!

With Love,
Benny & Brooke

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